PC Fresh coupon matchups, 5/26/2013

P C Fresh coupon matchups are here. A few good deals on summer favorites with Memorial Day coming up. Dont forget my printable coupon sources tab under Couponing at the top of the page for additional savings. If you head to P C this weekend, pick up the sale flyer when you first walk in […]

PC Fresh coupon matchups, 10/13/2013:

PC Fresh coupon matchups are here for this week. You dont need a member card to get savings, and they double MQs up to $0.99 like Tops and Wegmans. That being said, here are the best deals this week: Meat/Poultry/Seafood: Boneless pork loin chops, BOGO Homestyle roasting chickens, $0.88/lb Chicken drumsticks or thighs, $1.39/lb Dairy/Fridge/Frozen: […]

This just in: P C deals this week:

From one of my readers on my Facebook page: FYI: P&C has some screaming deals on baking essentials this week. They are all out of the fliers with coupons, but they have photocopied coupons at the front desk. 88 cent eggs. $1.50 butter, $1.50 flour & sugar, $4.50 for large Folgers cans and many more […]

PC Fresh coupon matchups, 1/5/2014

PC Fresh coupon matchups and best deals are here for the week. Dont forget to check my printable coupon sources under the Couponing tab at the top of the page for additional savings before you shop. PC Fresh doubles MQs up to $0.99, and combines store coupons with MQs, and accepts competitor coupons (see coupon […]