Are you ready? “How to Coupon Effectively” ebook on sale from I am THAT Lady

I am THAT Lady is one of the first websites I turned to when my husband and I had to get on the same page with finances. Our relationship had been rocky, I had just had my third child, and we both knew it was because we were both working too much, and not spending enough time on each other. I wanted to go back to staying home with my boys.

We had too much debt for our income, and barely enough for groceries. We searched the internet for an answer, and found a lot of money-saving blogs. I am THAT lady has amazing video tutorials, and helped me learn how to do what I do. Two and a half years later, we’ve switched over to cash budgeting, eliminated 2/3’s of our credit card debt, and have taken a significant chunk out of student loan debt. We are also able to buy fresh groceries every week, which we were sometimes unable to do before.

So if you’ve been following what I do here, and want to learn a little more, I am THAT Lady just released an e-book, How to Coupon Effectively, and is on sale right now for $5.97 for just five days only! After, it goes up in price to $8.97.