Rasa Spa has a pretty good monthly special 10-15% off 90 minutes of your choice:

I love this place. I would go everyday just for the day pass if I could.

Every month, Rasa Spa usually offers 10-15% off a service as a monthly special so you can save a little money on a total-body approach to healthy living. If you sign up for emails on their webpage, you get updates on what the sale of the month will be, as well as any news or information about classes, events, etc. Ive taken advantage of their email offers before, and now you can save 15% Monday through Thursday, or 10% Friday through Sunday, on *ANY* 90 minute session! They offer gift cards as well, if you have someone special in need of pampering and the occasion is right

New this month as well, is a month-to-month membership option. So if youre into total-body care, but cant afford the annual or three-month options, then choose to pay by the month and have the leisure of going every day, two 30-minute massages or facials, and more.