D.I.Y. Trial-Size Laundry Soap:

There are few frugal projects on Pinterest that actually fit my standards of frugal.  You can scour the site for homemade recipes for household cleaners or other products.  The most common is homemade laundry soap.  Many of the recipes you will find are for over 5 gallons of the product!

What if you dont end up liking it?  Thats wasted time, money and materials. Thats why I developed my own recipe for a trial-size version. One that doesnt use powdered bleach (or bleach alternative), or synthetic fabric softeners (both can be very pricey)!

Last month, I noticed my supply of laundry detergent was dwindling, and almost serendipitously a $1.00/1 20 Mule Team Boxed Borax came out one of the main ingredients in this recipe. I picked up the supplies on my next trip to Wegmans.  To contain the finish product, I found a gallon-sized glass jar at Walmart for $5.47, and used paint pens to stencil on the label:

as opposed to chalkboard paint or stickers because you can remove it with rubbing alcohol; Im not sure if you can do that with chalkboard paint.

To make your own fabric softener, blend one cup of sea salt (or any type of salt, really) with essential oils I used 15 drops sweet orange and 20 drops lavender.

What You Need:

    • 3 c. Borax ( $3.99 for 4.75 lb. at Wegmans; $2.99 after $1.00/1 20 Mule Team Boxed Borax ; you use about $1.00 worth per recipe if using coupon)
    • 3 C. Washing Soda ( Arm & Hammer brand is $3.79 at Wegmans for 3.5 lb.; you use about $1.70 worth per recipe)
    • 3 C. Baking Soda ( Arm & Hammer brand at Wegmans is $2.49 for a 4 lb. box; you use about $1.00 worth per recipe)
    • 1 C. Homemade fabric softener ( 1 cup salt mixed with essential oils any blend up to 40 drops, anything more and it can become soggy; price varies; sea salt is $0.89/lb in bulk at Greenstar)
    • 1 bar Fels-Naptha laundry soap, grated ( $1.29 at Wegmans )

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into your container.  You only need 1-2 tablespoons per load.  You can buy scoops at the dollar store or any food or restaurant supply store.  I had saved the formula scoops from when my son was on formula which measures out a tablespoon.

Total Cost per Trial-Sized Recipe:  $6.48 for 160 loads (1 Tbsp. per load) = $0.04 per load