Make Your Own Peanut Butter Protein Shake Mix!

Fitness has always been important to me.  And so are my kids.  It is exhausting to try and keep up with them and get out the door for a run.  When Im moving, I dont want to stop, but when I crash, I crash hard.  And nutrition?  Thats an uphill battle.  In all honestly, I think I manage a 3 mile run twice a month.

Im not into body-building, and its commonly overestimated how much protein our bodies actually need.  However, my main reason for searching out ingredients for a protein shake or smoothie are those mornings where I was up late working, or snacked late, and wake up not feeling like eating breakfast.  I know that its not good to consume calories unless youre hungry, but when I dont eat breakfast, I tend to binge at lunch time, which never ends well.  This recipe is easy to stomach, easy to make, and easy on the wallet!

Ive been watching the prices for powdered peanut butter, and there has been only one brand, PB2, which can be pretty pricey.  Although there is a Groupon deal on a 6-pack of PB2 16 oz. jars for $39.99, its still more expensive per ounce than the product I used for this recipe.  When I was at BJs a few weeks ago, I found that they carry a BetterBody brand called, PBfit, for just $5.49!  These are 15 oz containers, and make more than one recipe.

I used just four ingredients:

And totaled the recipe to average 32 servings, and still have plenty left over to make more. All ingredients are available at Greenstar except the PBFit that is available in store at BJs. Pictured are cold-milled ground flax seed, coconut sugar, and PBfit powdered peanut butter purchased from BJs, and a pound of hemp protein powder, purchased at Greenstar.

Flax*USA Ground Flax Seed is $7.99 for a 3-lb. package at BJs, so I calculated the price per recipe to be about $1.32.  Then, there was a $2.00/1 Better Body Product to BJs for September (see BJs Coupon matchups for the details), which made the container only $3.49, and only $1.60 per recipe!  The Better Body Coconut Palm Sugar has a $2.00/1 Coupon at BJs as well, but would have to be purchased in a separate transaction to use.  The coconut sugar is $4.49 after coupon, and only $0.63 per recipe.

Why did I choose these ingredients? All are great vegan sources of healthy fats and proteins that can give you a great start to the day, and not over-filling. I never feel heavy or bulky when I drink this.

The hemp protein powder is roughly $13 $14 per pound in bulk at Greenstar, and I used a $5.00 coupon from the Local First Coupon Book to purchase a pound, and only used half for this recipe, so I will estimate around $3.50/recipe.

Peanut Butter Protein Shake Mix:

makes 32 servings. Cost per recipe: $7.05; Cost per serving: $0.22.

Nutritional Content (per 1/4 cup serving):
Calories: 171
Fat : 9 g
Carbs: 14 g
Fiber: 7 g
Protein: 11.5 g


2 c. Hemp Protein Powder, ~$3.50
2 c. Ground Flax Seed, $1.32
4 c. BetterBody PBfit Powdered Peanut Butter, $1.60
2/3 c. Coconut Sugar (or sweetener of choice), $0.63

Combine all ingredients until thoroughly mixed and store in an airtight container (makes at least 8 cups).

I recommend using a food processor to ensure there are no large chunks, and pouring into two quart mason jars:

Like so:

When ready to mix, combine 1/4 cup of the mix with your choice of liquid could be water or juice, but I love blending this with coconut milk and a banana, or some seasonal fruit like apples or peaches. The sweetener in the recipe can be omitted, especially if using fruit to blend with. Even add a little vanilla instead.