Here are some definitions for commonly used terms used on my website. You will most likely see them under the category “Couponing”.

couponing: the activity of seeking out or saving discount coupons to save money on food or household purchases.  I was surprised that listed “couponing” as a noun – I would thinking of it as a verb, but then again, I don’t know much about the English language….

Types of Coupons:

  • manufacturer coupon:  the type of coupon distributed by the manufacturer of the product the discount is for.  These are found online and in coupon fliers, websites and online.  They are not associated with a particular retailer.
  • store coupon:  a type of coupon only valid at the store you received it from.  It will state this on the coupon, as well as include the store logo.  These are usually stackable with manufacturer coupons.
  • catalina coupon:  you know those machines next to the receipt printer at checkout, that spit out coupons when you buy certain products?  Those are called catalina coupons.  These are usually stackable as well, and interchangeable with store coupons.

Common acronyms I use when listing coupon matchups and sales:

  • BOGO:  Buy One, Get One (the second being either free or reduced)
  • WYB:  When You Buy ( ie. WYB 2, 3, 4, etc…)
  • NLA:  No Longer Available  ( ie. when a coupon is NLA)